by Anna ♥

1st ave   

 The subway slithers by me like a serpent.
As it slows down, I reach out and let its metallic scales
slide across my hand.
It eventually stops, the doors open before me and 
 the uncomfortable interior lighting hits my pupils.
 I enter and settle onto the gray, plastic seating.
White headphones dangle from most ears of my fellow passengers.
 I find it amusing to watch the many expressions of those
lost in ipod world with their upbeat tempos and
 halfhearted smiles.
I always wonder what they are listening to.
 I look around and bump eye contact from person
to person.
I look at people's shoes and their hairstyles
and try to guess where they are going
and from whence they came.
The friendly MTA voice recording interrupts
my thoughts and announces my stop.
I make my way through the crowd towards the exit
 where I continue my jaunt into the abyss.    

by anna brenzinger