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Month: August, 2011


I listened to his breath as I felt our hands touching side by side 
both gripping the handle bar that I was also sitting on.
I watched the cement blur underneath my black vans as my 
feet dangled along the sides of the spinning front wheel.
 We swayed gently as he pedaled up the steep side of the bridge 
amid the noise from the speeding subway and the passing cars.
As we reached the top the city appeared full view and illuminated 
from the sun reflecting off the building windows and the water below.
We began to cruise and I felt the brim of his cap bump me before he
 kissed my back.
Life in this moment is perfect I thought, and so it was.    

by anna


I sat listening
My eyes glazed over in awe of his face

by anna

1st ave   

 The subway slithers by me like a serpent.
As it slows down, I reach out and let its metallic scales
slide across my hand.
It eventually stops, the doors open before me and 
 the uncomfortable interior lighting hits my pupils.
 I enter and settle onto the gray, plastic seating.
White headphones dangle from most ears of my fellow passengers.
 I find it amusing to watch the many expressions of those
lost in ipod world with their upbeat tempos and
 halfhearted smiles.
I always wonder what they are listening to.
 I look around and bump eye contact from person
to person.
I look at people's shoes and their hairstyles
and try to guess where they are going
and from whence they came.
The friendly MTA voice recording interrupts
my thoughts and announces my stop.
I make my way through the crowd towards the exit
 where I continue my jaunt into the abyss.    

by anna brenzinger


poetic minds immerse into the depth of a city
 my omnipresent love
you've taught me all the rules
ashamed i shy away from your trenchant eyes

by anna brenzinger



"Music isn't just a pleasure, a transient satisfaction. It's a need, a
deep hunger; and when the music is right, it's joy. Love. A foretaste of
heaven. A comfort in grief."